National Bank SCCR

National Bank Slovak Consumer Cooperative ROD, hereinafter referred to as “the bank” or “NB SCCR”, is established as a sovereign bank with its own sovereignty. NB SPDR is governed by international law on banks, savings banks, stock exchanges and related international regulations.

The National Bank of SPDR is a unified issuing bank and credit bank aimed at the development of the National Economy. We provide financing, capital for the development of commercial, infrastructural, social, humanitarian projects, as part of the Socio-Economic Development of the regions.


Part of The Sovereign Bank Of The Hospitallers Order

NB SCCR is an International financial institution, primarily intended for the support of economic growth, the expansion of business and economic activities and the development of integration processes through investment activities.

NB SCCR is a sovereign legal entity acting in accordance with the statutes and applicable international laws. NB SCCR is under no obligation to submit to tax and other supervisory authorities its balance sheets, reports and other information that may be necessary to check the accuracy of assessment and payment of taxes and mandatory non-tax payments and to pay taxes on time and make mandatory non-tax payments in the amount and according to the procedure established by legal regulations of the country in which the NB SCCR is located.

PROJECT FINANCING is tied to the formulated sustainable development goals of the SCCR and its members, and all its decisions are guided by the goals listed below


To support and coordinate cooperation with ITM1


To provide funds and services for research and development members and ITM1

Depository of assets

To act as a depositary of high value assets mainly, but not exclusively, for SPDR members to be admitted into custody and under the management of NB SPDR


To issue deposit receipts, deposit certificates and statements of deposits, confirming the reserve of values ​​as a deposit for the issuance of treasury instruments

Transaction mirroring

To mirror all transaction data of all ITM1s in order to monitor, control and certify the accuracy and correctness of each transaction in real-time mode

Represent the interests of all SCCR members

Represent the interests and demands of all SCCR members in ITM1 and through ITM1 in member groups and organizations of the world’s leading financial institutions and regulatory bodies



We know how to end poverty and hunger in all its forms and manifestations and ensure that all people live in a fair, equal and healthy environment.



We know how to protect each individual from degradation and economic genocide. By introducing rational models of behavior in consumption as well as production with rational use of natural resources that are in harmony and harmony with nature.



We know how to ensure that all people can live in conditions of prosperity while maintaining economic, social and technological progress in harmony with nature.



We will support Culture Bearers and projects that carry messages of reconciliation, truth, peace, fairness and justice in society, without social barriers.

Slovak Consumer Cooperative ROD

NB SCCR accepts all natural and legal persons as SCCR shareholders, opens accounts for shareholders in banks owned by SCCR.

It provides a highly qualified IT system, for services and account management, the possibility of interest-free refinancing of all projects and programs aimed at the socio-economic development of our Nation and the country, with the aim of achieving long-term and permanent benefits for each shareholder and the local community.


Accreditation & License

We are pleased to announce the successful accreditation of National Bank SCCR in the International Sovereign Financial Organization – The Sovereign Bank of the Order of the Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem, (known as the Order of Hospitallers, the Sovereign Military Hospitallers Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta.